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Adaptibility test is nothing but a bunch of situation based questions. Generally there will be 45 questions needed to be answered in 30 minutes. Every person reacts to a situation differently based on his personality and bringing up. Very few candidates fail to clear it, so no need to worry.  Preparation with this book will help you more.

Book Author: Mr. Saurabh Singh & Team

About Author: Mr. Saurabh Singh The Founder of Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. and leading Motivational speaker. He is the best known for his tried and tested approach towards leading a successful life. Never die attitude and positivity enhancement is the hall mark of Mr. Saurabh Singh

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After a candidate qualifies the main exam, he will have to face the psychological test. This psychological test and GDPI test called Adaptability Test 1 & 2 respectively was inserted in the Airman selection since the year 2016. It checks and tests whether a candidate can adjust in the defense environment or not.

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